Telus to offer Apple iPad

It appears as if Telus will be offering the Apple iPad when it becomes available to Canadians.

In a recent interview David Fuller, Telus’s senior vice-president for product marketing said the following,

“We’re definitely going to have tablets and that mix in our lineup”

We just have to wait and see what type of Data plan Telus will be offering its Apple iPad 3G clients. Hopefully, it’s something comparable to ATT’s $30 for unlimited data plan.

3 Comments on “Telus to offer Apple iPad”

    1. The reason they offer the iPhone since only last november is only because before that they didn’t have the GMS (HSPA+) network to make it work…..Not for other reasons

      I Also have my iPad on their network, it’s really fast compare to Rogers or Fido networks….Where Rogers and Fido stumble to respectively reach only 3.2 Mb/s and 2.8Mb/s Telus is able to reach 6.1Mb/s.

      Anywhere I have done some test it’s the same Telus is almost twice as fast as Rogers/Fido….It make me wonder where my next iPhone will be hooked on….

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