Save over $300/year on your high speed internet

Do you want save over $300 / on your high speed ADSL internet service?

  • You don’t need a secret handshake or know “someone” on the inside.
  • You don’t need to downgrade your internet service to the “Lite” or “Basic” package.
  • You will maintain your high speed ADSL internet service speeds, increase your monthly bandwidth cap limit by more than 300% AND save more than $300 / year in the process.

Sound like something you might be interested in? If so, read on.

It is amazing how Bell charges their victims, ahem I mean customers $50.95/month for high speed internet access when the same services can be had for almost half the price.

I too was a Bell customer one day, overpaying for my high speed internet access and their horrible customer service.

That was before I learned of Bell’s competitors! Competitors who offered the same high speed internet service at half the price of what Bell was charging me. Their customer service is all in-house based in Canada, which meant no “accidental” disconnections or extreme frustration when trying to reverse the double and triple billing errors that were routine with Bell.

Here’s a break down of the the price gouging, that’s almost criminal and the alternative that will save you almost 50%.


  • Monthly Fee: $47.95/month.
  • Modem Fee: $3/month. (You pay this fee even if you own a DSL modem).
  • Bandwidth: 60 Gigabyte Monthly Bandwidth Cap.
    – 60 GBs can add up very quickly in this day and age of iTunes, Youtube,  Anderson Cooper 360,  Larry King, Bill O’Reilly highlights, Treehouse TV and various other popular media related activities online.
  • Speed: 7Mbits/second

The CHEAP alternative

  • Canadian company based out of  Chatham, Ontario.
  • Monthly Fee: $29.95/month — see below to get an additional $2/month discount.
  • Modem Fee: $0 – if you own your own DSL modem. If you don’t own a DSL modem, Teksavvy provides two very affordable options:
    – Rent to own option – $25 One time setup fee + $10/month for 6 months.
    – One time purchase price option – $75.
    – You can also find DSL modems at cheap prices on online classifieds websites like Craigslist and Kijiji.
  • Bandwidth: 200 Gigabytes of Monthly Bandwidth.
    – This is average of two months — so if you used 300 GBs 1 month, as long as the consumption for the following monthly is below 100 GB you are not exceeding your usage.
  • Speed: 5 Mbits/second
    – The difference between 5Mbit and 7Mbit speed translates into downloading a file at approximately 510Kilobytes/second instead of 700 Kilobytes/second. The average user will not notice the difference in speed. When your internet speed gets this high, the difference is negligible.
  • $27.95/month discount price for those who’ve signed up for a GroupBuy Discount (55% of what Bell Charges for the same high speed internet service, with 3 times the monthly bandwidth).

$50.95 – $27.95 = $23.00/month.

$23 x 12 months = $276 for the year

$276 + 13 % (5 GST + 8 PST) = $311.88/year savings!

The Process

  • Call Teksavvy’s toll free number listed on their website 1-877-779-1575
  • Informed the rep, you are currently a Bell customer and wish to switch to Teksavvy for their high speed internet access.
  • If you have already purchased a modem on Craigslist, Kijiji or elsewhere, inform the rep you own your modem already. If not, Select 1 of the two available options as detailed above.
  • Once the billing information has been collected, your account will be setup by the rep.
  • Once the account is setup, call Bell and cancel your service.
  • Enjoy Teksavvy’s highspeed internet service and the $300+ of savings annually.

If you have any questions about this article, or the additional $2/month Group Buy discount, please feel free to drop me an e-mail.


One Comment on “Save over $300/year on your high speed internet”

  1. I just got off of the phone with Teksavvy customer service and have CANCELLED my high speed cable internet with them.

    This article doesn’t mention a very important point. Teksavvy is not an “internet provider”, like Bell or Rogers. Teksavvy is what’s called a “Third Party Internet Provider. This means that they do not have any of their own lines to serve you with your connection and bandwidth. That is all taken purchased from Rogers and Bell and then resold to you when you sign up with them. Ultimately you are still doing business with Bell and Rogers but with another party, Teksavvy, in-between.

    I cancelled my service with them because their tech support is atrocious. Well, that might not be fair. In order for their tech support to be atrocious it would actually have to exist first. Sure, they have people answering the phones but some of these people or so limited in training that they will tell you things like “try unplugging the co-ax cable from your modem and plugging it back in,,,sometimes that will fix a problem” or “you will never get good speeds on your connection because you are using a wireless router”. Both of those statements are completely in error and absolutely ridiculous. In the case of high speed cable, if you have any issues at all then all Teksavvy will do is send an email to Rogers and wait for, an agreed upon with Rogers, 48 hours and hope that Rogers responds. In most cases Rogers doesn’t respond on the first try and they have to email again, this time with a 24 hour wait. It can sometimes take 3 or 4 emails before Rogers even acknowledges Teksavvy’s mail and then who knows how long to actually fix the issue after that. Just before I cancelled I was reading a post in the Teksavvy section at where a customer will be down for 15 days best case scenario if Rogers actually shows up to fix his issue when they are booked to. 15 days his internet has been completely dead. That’s ridiculous.

    Teksavvy offers high speed internet at prices that are cheaper that Rogers or Bell but when you have a problem or your internet goes completely down, be prepared for a long wait to get it fixed. The people in tech support are iether untrained and clueless or rude and arrogant. You can sit on hold for over an hour just waiting to speak to someone and then get little or no help.

    My advice is for everyone to steer clear of Teksavvy.

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