Save Hundreds on Rogers HDPVR!

If you’re currently renting your Rogers HD PVR (Personal Video Recorder), you’re likely paying well over $300 per year ($24.99 + tax per month). If you were to purchase a refurbished HD PVR from the Home Shopping Channel, you can save almost $250 in the first two years alone.

For only $179.99+tax,  you can buy the Rogers Scientific Atlantic 8300HD PVR from the home shopping channel. The unit is refurbished, but comes with a full 2 year warranty (better than buying a brand new unit directly from Rogers).

Here are the numbers:

Renting the Box from Rogers
$24.99 + tax per month  X 12 months = $338.86 per year

Buying the  box from The Shopping Channel
$179.99 + $15.86 (Shipping & Handling) + Tax = $221.41 TOTAL

With the two-year warranty, if you encounter any problems with the HDPVR, you can visit your local Rogers Store to have the HD PVR looked at. Rogers will provide you with a free replacement unit (just as you would if you were renting the unit directly from Rogers).

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