Rogers continues to gouge customers!

Just when you thought it can’t get any worse, Rogers outdoes itself!

Rogers is increasing the data overage cap from $25 to $50 for high speed internet customers. A 100% increase!

“Your Express Internet service includes a usage allowance of 60GB/mo. If you use more than this allowance, you will pay an additional $2/GB in usage charges. Effective March 1, 2010, the maximum monthly usage charge is changing from $25 to $50. All other aspects of your service remain the same. For more information, call 1 888 ROGERS1.”

It’s time for Canadians to give Rogers the middle finger and switch to ISPs that aren’t screwing over Canadians — see Teksavvy.

Here are 2 charts demonstrating how Canadians get screwed over by the Big ISPs and the CRTC (who sit idly and allow these greedy corporations to rape us).

3 Comments on “Rogers continues to gouge customers!”

  1. The CRTC is a bunch of crooks. They’re funded and chaired by the major mobile & TV companies. Its pathetic how much we pay for mobile phones, TV and Internet.

  2. 3000% increase in price. Had a call from rogers to the effect that they wanted to save me money. Was told my ultra lite would now be reduced in bandwidth from 60G to 2G per month and they could set me up with lite (max 25G/month) at a higher price. For a person using max potential bandwidth, this amounts to a 3000% increase in price!! Monopolies are great aren’t they? More legalized scamming!!

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