No System Access Fee and 911 Fee with Telus as of November 5

On November 5th, 2009, Telus is eliminating System Access Fee ($6.95/month) and the 911 Fee ($0.75/month for most provinces) for new subscribers or existing subscribers who choose to switch to new plans.

Existing customers will continue to pay System Access Fee and 911 fee with their current plans, but will have the option of selecting a new plan and eliminating the SAF and 911 fee.

Telus will be increasing all current rate plans prices by $5, when removing the $6.95 SAF and $0.75 911 Fee.

A saving of at least $2.70/month can be expected by a new Telus subscriber on monthly cellphone plans.

Unlike Rogers, who “eliminated” the system Access fee a month ago, cellphone bills for new Telus customers will actually go down in most cases. Rogers while “eliminating” the SAF, implemented a new “Government Regulartory Recovery” fee. Not only did Rogers increase the monthly rate plans by $5, they simply re-named the System Access Fee to “Government Regulartory Fee”. In most cases, new subscribers will actually pay more with Rogers’s new fee scheme.

Ccertain provinces impose a regulated provincial 911 fee that TELUS is mandated to collect on their behalf. Provinces and charges are as follows:

  • P.E.I (50¢)
  • Nova Scotia (43¢)
  • New Brunswick (53¢)
  • Saskatchewan (38¢)

Plus Quebec municipal 911 tax of 40¢ as of December 1, 2009.

More details here!

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