Twixtreme – “The Sweetest Twitter™ Client for BlackBerry”

If you’ve used TwitterBerry, Ubertwitter, Seesmic or any other Twitter client for your Blackberry, here’s another one to add to the fold.

Twixtreme by Xtreme Labs – “The Sweetest Twitter™ Client for BlackBerry”

I’ve been using it for a few hours now, it’s pretty good thus far!

You can download it through BB App World.

One Comment on “Twixtreme – “The Sweetest Twitter™ Client for BlackBerry””

  1. I find Twitter and all related sites to be incredibly annoying. As if we don’t know too much about each other already. People need to focus their energies on more meangingful activities. I hate that words like “tweet” have become so commonplace now. Just hate it.

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