Free Phones from Telus!

If you currently in the market for a pre-paid cellphone and package, you definitely should check out Telus’s current promotion.

They’re offering 3 different handset models for only $49.99. I know what you’re saying. “Bell and Rogers offer handsets for $50 too”.

Here’s where the promotional part of the deal comes! When you purchase any one of these 3 pre-paid phones, you will also get an activation credit of $50.

There’s also a forth phone on sale for $49.99, but you will only receive an activation credit of $20 with that model.

Phones on Sale

  • Samsung M540
  • LG 490
  • Samsung U510
  • LG 285 (This phone only comes with a $20 activation credit)

You can activate the phone yourself online at and avoid paying the $15 activation fee (when you do it at a store or over the phone with a client care rep).

Once you’ve activated the phone yourself, your prepaid account will have a credit of  $50 (what you’ve paid for the phone). Making the phone you’ve just purchase FREE! *

We live in Canada so we have to pay GST and PST (about $6.50).

Details of the promo here.

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