Facebook is NOT going start charging for membership!

Recently a number of Facebook groups have started popping up protesting Facebook’s new fee for service starting July 9, 2010.

Groups like the following “NO, I WILL NOT PAY $3.99 A MONTH TO USE FACE BOOK FROM JULY 9TH 2010”


These groups are simply scams!

Facebook will not start charging their 350 million users to for their service. If Facebook started charging for membership, the 350 million will dwindle down to a few million loyal who are willing to pay money to waste their time online. Let’s face it, Facebook is a waste of time for the most part. Sure you may have reconnected with old lost friends and family, but it has turned into a bill board full of crap and useless information about people who you don’t really care about.

Businesses and parents hate it, as their employees are wasting hours at work poking, cyber stalking and playing farmville instead of doing their jobs or homework.

Facebook makes their money off ads, ads that you and I (current free Facebook users see and click on). If we’re not there to see that ad, or click on that ad, they won’t make any advertisement revenue. Facebook is well aware of the fact that most users will not pay $3.99/month to use Facebook and membership numbers will spiral down. Once the users disappear as a result of this new charge, Facebook will cease to exist. So, it’s not happening!

So to recap: These groups claiming Facebook starting to charge a fee is just hog wash.

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