BBM for Android and iOS Finally Released!

Exactly one month after Blackberry’s originally failed “release date”, BBM (Blackberry Messenger) for Android and iOS was launched and was available for public download.

The highly anticipated software was reportedly downloaded by 10 million users in the first day alone from Google’s Play Store.  The number of downloads on the Apple’s App store was not released.

Download BBM for Android –

Download BBM for iPhone –

BBM was wildly popular among the masses as recently as three years ago. Unfortunately for Blackberry, the young hip crowd adopted the cooler iPhone and Android mobile phones as their primary mode of communication, and as a result Blackberry was left for dead.

Ultimately consumers shift away from archaic Blackberry technology to newer Android and iOS devices can only be blamed on Blackberry’s reluctance to adapt to current consumer market trends. Blackberry has been hemorrhaging hundreds of millions of dollars due to lack of interest in their products by the consumer public. Blackberry had hoped their overhauled OS (OS 10) would bring them back to prominence, but their Z10, Q10, Q5 devices have gained very little traction in the market place.

Cross-platform BBM is Blackberry’s last hope of remaining relevant in the tech sector before fading into sunset. And, based on the early success of  BBM, the final nails may not be on Blackbery’s coffin just yet. Only time will tell if the interest in BBM for Android and iOS is fad, or genuine interest for a true cross-platform instant messaging tool to replace SMS Text messaging and other cross-platform IM apps currently available in the market.

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