Apple iPad Plan details from Rogers

Apple announced the iPad will be available in Canada on May 28th. Rogers, Bell and Telus have all made official announcements they will be carrying the device.

Today, we’ve found out from the Apple Store details of Rogers’s data plan offering.

Obviously $35 a month for a 5 GB data plan is no where close to what ATT is offering in the United States ($30 for Unlimited iPad Data).

It appears as if Apple’s store website may have released details prematurely. The $20 add-on option is no longer available at Rogers. Only the $15 for 250MB and $35 for 5GB data options will be available upon launch. Rogers Redboard (Their Blog)

Currently, there aren’t any details of Bell and Telus’s iPad specific data plans. The wireless industry is a copy-cat industry, so don’t be surprised if Bell and Telus offer the identical data plan when they release details of their Apple iPad data plan.

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