Quality 6-ft HDMI cables for under $5 each

If you’re in the market a quality 6-ft HDMI cable and aren’t really keen on paying $30-$60 at the big box stores, you will want to check out Monoprice.

Currently, they have a sale on 6-ft HDMI cables for only $1.94+shipping (USD).

The HDMI cables  from Monoprice are comparable to the expensive name-brand cables you will find at the big box stores.

You want to stay away from the small computer stores that sell HDMI cables as they tend to be very poor quality. Often times, the connectors will come off the entire cable and remain dislodged in your TV’s HDMI port. (I speak from personal experience).

The deal is worth-while when you purchase 4 (under $8) + shipping (approx $8 to Toronto by USPS). With the value of the Canadian dollar today, it’s approximately $5 for each HDMI cable (shipped to your door).

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