How to get a DUNS number

How to get a D-U-N-S Number

If you have already read DUNS number 101 and are ready to apply for a DUNS number, you’re at the right page.

Many vendors will ask for a DUNS number before they consider extending business credit for your business.

You can get a DUNS number for FREE! You do not have to pay anyone to get the DUNS number, nor do you have pay for any add-on “credit builder” programs offered by D&B.

  1. Visit’s D&B Get a DUNS page.

2. Primary Reason for D-U-N-S Number Registration
I have a U.S. based business

3. Search for your Businesss
Search by Business Name or Business Phone Number

4. Click on Get a New D-U-N-S Number when you get the  Sorry, no matches were found for “your business name”

5. Get Started with the FREE D-U-N-S Number + CreditSignal option

6. Fill your business information.

You will get calls from their sales department trying to pitch you their $229 or $999 products, and will even try to negotiate the price down. You can politely say no, and refuse the service as it is not necessary.

Do not ignore calls from D&B until you have your DUNS number thinking it’s just sales people trying to sell you something. You will also receive VERIFICATION calls to very the information provided prior to getting the DUNS number approved.

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