How to close a bank account

There a number of reasons to close your bank account. Whatever the reason might be, here are the 4 ways (easiest/least effort to hardest/most-effort) to close a bank account.

Most banks have an online secure messaging platform you can use within your bank’s online portal. Once you’re logged in, simply send a message requesting the closure of your bank account.

By Phone
If you are not a fan submitting secured messages online, and want to talk to a live person, you can call the customer service link and submit a request to close your account.

By Mail
If you don’t like technology or people, you can submit a signed request on paper requesting your account to be closed.

In Branch
If you like to deal with people face to face, you can visit a branch and request the account be closed in person. You’re limited to their branch hours, and possible wait times at the bank.

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