How to Get an E-ZPass for Canadians

How to Get an E-ZPass for Canadians

What is an E-ZPass?

  • E-ZPass is a digital tag (transponder) used in vehicles to pay tolls at many highways, bridges, tunnels in many north eastern US states.
  • Instead of waiting in long lines, digging for exact change in your pocket or purse, and rolling down your car window in a rainy or cold snowy winter day, you simply keep your car window closed, while driving 5-20 miles per hour through the toll booth, without stopping.
  • Machines at the toll booth will recognize your vehicle’s E-ZPass tag, and automatically let you cross the toll booth.
  • When using E-ZPass instead of cash to pay tolls, you will receive a 5% discount on toll charges

Who can get an E-ZPass?

  • Anyone living in the US or Canada can get an E-ZPass for their vehicles

How to get an E-ZPass from Canada

  • Visit the E-ZPass website and select your province.
  • Fill in your particulars (name, address, vehicle make, model, plate)
  • Provide a valid credit card for the top-up.
  • The transponder(s) will be mailed to your Canadian address within a week to 10 days.

How to get an E-ZPass from USA

  • If you’re in the USA, you can also pick up an E-ZPass while you’re there from many thruway rest-stops.
  • If you’re driving on the i90, many rest stops have signs indicating E-ZPass available at that rest stop.

How it works:

  • Once you get your E-ZPass tag, simply attach to your vehicle (inside your car, near the rear view mirror is an ideal spot — as shown in the picture above).
  • You must ensure the E-ZPass tag is in an obstructed location in your vehicle where the sensors at the toll booth can communicate with it.
  • If you drive through a toll booth, where your E-ZPass tag wasn’t recognized (you failed to pay the toll), you will get a ticket in the mail with a huge fine.

How is it billed?

  • For the purpose of this post, I will only discuss the PAY PER TRIP option (meant for infrequent users)
  • You are charged $25 USD when you order online, remains on your account indefinitely in the form of a credit.
  • The $25 credit will be used to pay for the tolls in your travels.
  • If your credit dips below $10 USD, your credit card on file be used to replenish your account with another $25.
  • You can check your balance, usage history (every time & place) where the E-ZPass transponder was used. Add / Change cars and license plates.
  • You can have upto 4 transponders per account (valid for cars, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, RVs)

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